What is the target audience of genealogical research?
Middle school students in the “Roots” school project

What is “Roots” school project?

“Roots” school project is a research project carried out by 7th grade students in schools. In this project, students explore their circles of belonging and progress on their way to becoming responsible, independent, and knowledgeable graduates. The students begin their journey to form their Jewish-Israeli identity. Within the space of identities: family members, students, citizens of the country, friends, residents of the country and more. This is the beginning of a personal search, starting with the “I”, moving to the nuclear and extended family and from there to the settlement, community, country as well as countries and communities of origin of previous generations.

Students participating in root research are required to carry out research project, writing and editing “roots” school project. Students should share and enlist the help of other parents and family members. This can be used as family property for future generations. During this project, the students have to recruit family members and get their help for this project, locate materials and organize them into a deliverable project. The project presented can receive many faces and be a souvenir for generations.

What is the importance of “Roots” school project?

The very preparation of the project, sharing the family, collecting and locating data and hearing the life stories of others will lead the student to discover details that they were not aware of before. Students will become more deeply acquainted with the different family, heritage and traditions that have developed in the family, community and in general. Students will gain familiarity with family history, its impact on being, and your family’s connection to the people, country, and country.

What is included in our genealogy service to help students:

  • Accompanying and assisting the student according to the study outline provided by the Ministry of Education or the school. As required from the student and the guidelines given to the “Roots” school project by the school and the relevant teachers.
  • Going over the study and “Roots” school project chapters – we will share the student and his family with the “Roots” school project process. Recruiting family members for active participation in the effort.
  • Collecting and locating family material for the “Roots” school project. We will understand the sources and the information that can be obtained from them. We’ll see how you can link between personal details and general details of the same period and the same places. For example, military service and hence a period of war and war zones.
  • Accompanying the student, we will offer options for arranging, enriching, editing and adding materials for the “Roots” school project. All this so that the student will have, first and foremost, a “Roots” school project worthy of submission in terms of school requirements, but also, a souvenir and documentation for the future.

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