What is the target audience for the Genealogy Research?
Individuals interested in their family

The Genealogy Research is intended for people who are interested and want to know details about their family members for various reasons. A simple curiosity of wanting to know what the rest of their keen experienced, what led them to act as they did during their lives, what was the basis for various decisions they made during their lives and what was the family, general and political atmosphere at the same place and time. Why they chose the profession they acquired, how they got to where they lived and more and more.

Mapping family ties and family tree as part of a roots study

Private individuals seeking to map out their family ties, to discover details about the lives of their relatives. Where and when did they live, what did they do, who did they marry, details of their military service, when did they die, where were they buried and what were the causes of death.

Individuals seeking to locate roots and update the family tree they built during Genealogy Research or Family Research

Individuals seeking to add and link additional family branches and families from around the world, to create a larger family and share information between different people. Family members who are related by family or others to discover new and unknown connections in the big world.

Private individuals interested in building a family tree

Construction of a family tree containing the branches of the extended family for documentation or commemoration as part of the Genealogy Research. Sharing their information with other family members and discovering undiscovered family parts.

Private individuals interested in preparing a memory preservation platform

Memories can be preserved today in a variety of ways, such as: a memory book, a shared family tree, a website. Family time can also contain additional data such as photos, documents and recorded details so that they do not remain only in the memory of people only. Preservation aims to transfer the memory of the people to heritage and documentation.

Those interested in making a gift

A gift or souvenir for parents, grandchildren or a legacy for future generations. Such a gift can be in various forms depending on the applicant’s requirements from a shared family tree, video documentation of events and memories to a fancy family book containing a family story and containing photos and family documents collected in the genealogical research framework.

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