Organization of the Genealogy Research as Digital Media

How do we use digital media to help Genealogy Research?

We will scan documents, photos and certificates for digital media

The documents, certificates and images relevant to the study will be scanned and transferred to digital media. In this way we will be able to organize the material, and create digital copies.

GROSS Perl, Iznete, Subcarpathia, Ukraine

We will save digital backup files

The information and material collected as part of the genealogy research will be saved in digital format to enable the arrangement and organization of the material as well as to enable the creation of copies. We will scan documents and photos, arrange and organize the scanned files in computer libraries. We will add to these the files created during the study – video or audio of interviews, transcripts of interviews and links to digital information sources. In this way we will keep copies of the material relevant to the family research. At the end of this process, the service applicant will have an organized computer library containing the material collected in the genealogy research.

Create backups: local copy, remote copy or cloud copy

It is recommended to store and maintain the computer libraries that contain the genealogy research in more than 1 copy and more than one location such as: number of different digital media locations or forms. The material as a whole can be copied. These copies can be transferred to remote digital media or other digital media as part of cloud storage services. At the choice of the service applicant.

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