Lectures on genealogy:

  • “How to Get Started”, how to search as well as life stories of my parents and family
  • Basic concepts of genealogy and genealogy research
  • Surnames – Ashkenazim – Sephardic – Rabbis, renaming and immigration
  • Where did you come from? City land and cadastral map, immigration
  • Introduction to major genealogy sites: Jewishgen, ILAM, IGRA, FamilySearch, “Gesher Galicia”, JRI Poland
  • Familiarity with genealogy software and applications for building family trees: MyHeritage, Ancestry, Geni
  • Establishing an online family tree – a collaborative tree
  • Methods for managing and organizing genealogy research
  • Information sharing and research sharing on social networks and in general – finding solutions and promoting research
  • A person’s life trajectory in the light of genealogy – an attempt to trace the trail of documents and evidence of his life
  • Databases – Digitization and sharing with offline databases
  • Databases – Different processes of digitization of existing information – what happens behind the scenes
  • Databases – how technology has evolved in recent years and what I hope will be in the coming years
  • Searching and deciphering tombstones – challenges and reality
  • Press – Meeting with yesterday’s news

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