Building a Pedigree Tree

Why use a genealogist to build a family tree?

More and more people are convinced that it is important for them to build a family tree. One can see the trend, building a family tree is becoming a common and accepted and this is because people understand that their family and certainly their family origin has an immense value to their private lives.

The field of genealogy is gaining momentum and includes information about the history and family tree of individuals and more and more details about individuals. This area is very relevant for historical research, issuance of foreign passports, proof of ownership of property legally and more.

The thing is that the more people build family trees the more people encounter difficulties and find that the construction of the family tree is complicated and requires a professional person to handle the task.

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How to build a family tree?

If so, as with anything in the construction of a family tree, you should contact a genealogist who will help you with this. If you turn to a genealogist (this is the name of the expert in building family trees) so that the construction of the family tree will be professional and much simpler. The pedigree tree will be much more accurate and these are benefits that cannot be ignored.

In order to build a quality and correct family tree, it is important to work slowly and thoroughly. The advantage of turning to an expert genealogist is that this professional will be able to allow us to reach more in-depth and professional research. It is important that the genealogist whose services we hire be given every tip of the iceberg we have from family names and first names to old photos or certificates.

Is it possible to build a family tree with the help of the internet?

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the way we live and it can be seen that today a major part of our lives exists with the help of the internet. The Internet is not a magic solution to every issue and this is reflected, for example, in the issue of establishing a family tree.

It is important to understand and know that it is not possible to rely on searching the Internet to build a family tree because there is no data about people and families of origin. For example, the Internet does not hold data about our great-grandfather or his father. This is not possible and a different approach must be taken to build the family tree.

Is there a difference between building a family tree and root work?

Many are familiar with the subject of pedigrees from their children’s root work. If so there is no doubt that root work is a scale model of family trees, but the truth is that there is a huge gap between root work and building a family tree.

When a pedigree is built by an expert genealogist the difference between it and the roots work is huge. The interviewed genealogist interrogates the tree before construction, checks and ascertains in the archives works in a thorough and thorough manner and creates an invested tree with much more accurate details. Based on the research work the genealogist comes to completely different and profound results from the root work and therefore it is so recommended to turn to him and not settle for root work done by a boy or girl who have no expertise in this subject.

Why is it necessary to build a professional and experienced genealogist?

Many ask how to choose the best genealogist to build a family tree? If so, it is important to understand that experience has a huge weight in the professionalism of the genealogist. A genealogist with extensive experience in archive libraries who is in touch with other professionals in the field.

The more experienced the genealogy, the more likely it is that it will produce a high-level family tree. An experienced genealogist has already seen all the contexts and created trees at a much higher level than a new genealogist who has no experience in the field.

So when you come to choose the genealogist do not be ashamed and ask him how many years he has been in the field and what is his experience? This way you will know that you are choosing the best and most experienced genealogist and we have already said that an experienced genealogist is worth gold so it is so worth putting a lot of emphasis on this point.

How does the genealogist work in building family trees?

So how does the genealogist do his job? If so, the genealogist will interview and interrogate you, using databases, interviews with the family, his research abilities and his vast understanding of the subject of family trees in order to create a complete picture of your family. You must understand that a person from the community will have a hard time imitating the work of the genealogist because he has not studied the subject and does not have the abilities that a genealogist has.

Of course before you choose a genealogist you should find out with him how he works and whether he has the right knowledge to build your family tree and thus provide you with valuable information about your family history, information that only then will you be able to obtain.

What part of our family would most benefit from the family tree that was built?

There is no doubt that every person in your family will benefit from the family tree you will build, but there is also no doubt that at the end of the day your children will be the one who will benefit most from the family tree. Imagine that suddenly your child discovers that his great-grandfather was a renowned scientist or senior officer in the military and you will understand that the family tree has a huge impact on you as well and certainly on your children.

Zvika Oren, Genealogy Specialist – Research and Build Family Trees

Over the years I have gained knowledge and experience in various areas of genealogical research: searching records, deciphering documents and tombstones, conducting personal interviews, discovering genealogies, contacting relatives and people with relevant knowledge, collecting findings and organizing them, transferring documents and photos to digital media (including making backup copies) , As well as the production of a family book (Hebrew or English) based on the material collected.

As part of the genealogy research and family tree building, I collect data and search for more data and information in digital information sources: Yad Vashem databases, search engines, locating tombstones, various archives, immigration records, documents regarding name changes and more. I have conversations and interviews with people for the purpose of genealogical research. At the end of the data collection I process information related to the relevant root research. And everything – to discover the genealogies and to collect the documents and photos, to document the preservation and construction of the family tree.

Feel free to contact me, Zvika Oren – Expert Genealogist +972-525696309

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