Conducting a digital root research

Add and edit photos, documents, testimonials and others
For the family tree and / or the dedicated family tree software

The material collected within the genealogy research will be added and embedded together with the family tree. This material will be uploaded digitally in accordance with the settings of the service applicant and in accordance with the tool with which we will build the family tree. We will edit the additional documents and add them to the digital media we will use.

FULOP Erszebet, Agnes, Vera, Budapest 193x

Scanning genealogy documents and digital media images

In order for us to add, edit and embed additional non-digital material, we will scan documents, certificates and images using a suitable scanner. The digital files that will be created with the help of the scanner are attached to the document and photo library. These genealogy files will be attached later to the digital media or to the dedicated family tree software or application.

Graphic editing of photos and genealogical documents

The material we scanned will be processed, as needed, to make the best use of it: we will edit documents and photos to focus and concentrate on the more important areas for research. We will concentrate on the areas of the document or image from which the main point can be derived. We will cut and digitally adjust the results to get the best outcome.

Uploading and linking documents as part of the root research

Additional images and materials for digital media or dedicated family tree software of application. The digital files we have collected and created will be organized in the computer research library and attached to the digital media of the family tree as well as to the dedicated family tree software or application. This is in accordance with the appropriate path chosen by the service applicant

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