Digitized Genealogy

Exploring the roots and family tree

How can I transfer Genealogy and family research information?

Genealogy information can be transferred between different people. The Internet has made the transfer of genealogy information possible and relatively easy. For the family trees that are built with the help of dedicated family tree software, a dedicated format has been established for the transmission of genealogical information – the GEDCOM format. Using this format allows uniformity of information transfer between existing software on the market so that genealogy information can be created digitally and the genealogy information and/or family trees can be transmitted or sent by digital means. Such as, by using e-mail. In a denomination, information can be shared through family genealogy sites.

What genealogy information can be found online?

Various websites offer access and search options for information relevant to genealogy research. These databases include, among other things, population registers, civil records (birth, death, marriage), immigration documents, name changes, learning certificates, criminal records and more. All this in accordance with the laws of the country of origin. In Hungary, for example, data can be viewed starting a hundred and thirty years after a person’s date of birth.

Dedicated software and applications are available for compiling genealogy charts and retrieving genealogy information. The best known are: MyHeritage, Ghttp://geni.comeni, Ancestry, FamilySearch, and GRAMPS. Some genealogy research software contains components that better support genealogy research aimed at Jewish genealogy. These software include components such as special mention of people who were murdered in the Holocaust, conversion of dates from a Hebrew date to a foreign date and more.

Geni, established in 2007, is a genealogy site that is also an online social network, with millions of registered users.
The site allows the construction of a family tree, and its connection to trees created by other participants, while maintaining the privacy of other users.

Another site is MyHeritage (an Israeli software company) that deals with family research and building family trees. The site has full support for Hebrew, and the tree can be produced in print or as a PDF file. MyHeritage supports working with the MyHeritage website on a variety of paid services.

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