Making a family tree

Making a family tree – what to focus on?

More and more people are realizing that life is not only the present or the future but also the past. There is no doubt that the past in Israel has enormous significance because we came to Israel from different places in the world and this creates a challenge unlike the family of an English guy whose family has lived in England for generations and generations so it is not difficult to trace the history and family tree of that guy.

On the other hand, an Israeli family whose family came from Yemen, Russia, the USA or any other country is more complex to trace the family history of that family. If you want to make a family tree and thus understand where you come from In the field called genealogy, when preparing the tree you need to emphasize the historical truth and make sure that there are no mistakes in the tree because every comma in the tree has meaning and an impact on your past.

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Is it possible for anyone to create a family tree?

There are people who think that they can not create a family tree and they believe that they will never discover their family history. If so this is a serious mistake. You should know that anyone can create a family tree if they turn to a genealogist in the field. You must understand that building a family tree alone is a very challenging thing and many times it is built in an unprofessional way. Preparing a family tree with an expert genealogy Building a family tree will be easier and simpler professionally, so if you want and want to create an accurate, in-depth and professional family tree, you should contact a genealogist who will help you with this task and succeed in building a family tree according to your history.

How is a family tree related to everyday life?

For many people the question arises whether there is an impact on building a family tree on the present and the accompanying question is what does a family tree actually give and why should we invest so much in it?

It is important to understand that our past has an impact on our family present. A person who knows his family history knows where he came from and what the effects of the past and childhood are on him. In fact it is possible to directly link education (e.g. child education) and familiarity with our family history and that is why the issue of family tree is so significant and has a tremendous impact on our family life and this is another reason why it is so worthwhile to make and build a family tree.

Is it possible to make a family tree on your own?

Having talked about the importance of family trees you probably want to know how to create a family tree and is it possible to do it alone? If you want to make your own family tree it is important to understand that building a family tree is a profession for anything that requires tremendous expertise.

If you are interested in a professional and accurate family tree, as you would not dare to deal with specialist problems in your home alone, so it is important to understand that it is better for you to seek the help of a specialist genealogist researcher. There is a huge difference between a family tree created by an expert genealogist and an amateur family tree created amateurishly. Therefore, if you want to create a family tree, you should contact a genealogist and use his abilities and thus create and present your family tree to the world and connect to your family roots.

How do I choose the best genealogist on the market to build a family tree?

There is no doubt that the question of which genealogist you turn to when you want to build a family tree, and the more professional the genealogist, the higher your family tree will be. So the question arises how do we choose the best genealogist for us?

If so when you come to choose a genealogist for building a family tree you should pay attention to his experience. Another thing you should do is examine previous family trees he has built and thus see if he has the knowledge and abilities to build you a high level family tree. Therefore, the question of which genealogist you turn to is important. It is recommended to conduct research regarding the professionalism and experience of the genealogist before you choose him, thus ensuring that your family tree will be of a high standard.

Is the cost of the genealogy high?

One of the important questions is what is the financial cost of a genealogist? And especially what the cost in relation to the benefit, then, it is important to understand that in relation to the work that the genealogist performs versus the results he brings to the table (assuming it is an expert and quality genealogist) the cost of the genealogist is relatively low. There is tremendous emotional and professional value to a professional and accurate family tree.

Zvika Oren, a genealogist who specializes in family tree preparation

Over the years I have gained knowledge and experience in various areas of genealogical research: searching records, deciphering documents and tombstones, conducting personal interviews, discovering genealogies, contacting relatives and people with relevant knowledge, collecting findings and organizing them, transferring documents and photos to digital media (including making backup copies) , As well as the production of a family book (Hebrew or English) based on the material collected.

As part of the genealogy research and family tree building, I collect data and search for more data and information in digital information sources: Yad Vashem databases, search engines, locating tombstones, various archives, immigration records, documents regarding name changes and more. I have conversations and interviews with people for the purpose of genealogical research. At the end of the data collection I process information related to the relevant root research. And everything – to discover the genealogies and to collect the documents and photos, to document the preservation and construction of the family tree.

Feel free to contact me Zvika Oren – Expert Genealogist +972-525696309

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