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FULOP Family, Budapest 192?

Zvika Oren - Professional Genealogist and family roots researcher

Born in 1968, I grew up in Givatayim, a "second generation" of Holocaust survivor parents born in Hungary. My parents survived World War II as a teenager and went through the war in a challenging way. My parents immigrated to Israel after the war and started a family. A high-tech man, more than 30 years old, brings to genealogical research the benefits of technological knowledge.

My Vision

My parents did not tell. They did not tell about their past. Keeping the secrets to themselves. The lack of stories, the lack of knowledge is what motivates drives me to keep researching, to keep telling and try to help others know more. So that they do not experience the shortage I am in ...

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Genealogy research and building family trees using software tools dedicated to genealogy research

Accompanying Genealogy Research

Advice, support and assistance in developing research into existing roots or family tree - research by the applicant

Training and Guidance through Genealogy Research

Training of the first steps of the genealogy research and guidance in conducting full or further genealogy research

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