Build and construct of the Family Tree

How do we create a digital family tree?

The family tree, which will be created as a result of the genealogy research, will be transferred and saved in digital format. You can use Microsoft Office software to describe the family tree in digital media by using: Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. The family tree can be represented in different shapes and use one or more tools. These tools also allow the attachment of scanning documents and images, graphs, tables and links.

Build a family tree with dedicated software or application

To build a digital family tree we will enter the data we have and the additional data we found during the genealogy research as defined by the service applicant, into dedicated software or application used to build family trees. We will select the most suitable software or application and enter the data into it such that a digital family tree can be built and later on be managed to be changed and updated.

GROSS Haim and Aliz Slovakia 1944

What are the benefits of using collaborative family tree software?

We will use dedicated software or application to ensure that the family tree that is built will be accessible and open to other family members and even other researchers – a collaborative family tree. This way the family data will be open for viewing according to different privacy settings to anyone you want. Viewing permissions can be set for all users of the software.

The collaborative tree application features are similar to the features given with a social network of family trees. In this way the family tree data is shared and the search engines can add the user’s tree to other users’ search results. There are advantages and disadvantages to sharing information:
By sharing our own data, other family members can join the genealogy research. Other family members can view and add data, memories, or documents related to the genealogy research. Family tree privacy options can be set according to the needs of the service seeker in the dedicated family tree software. This way you can restrict the viewing options of other users (who also use the dedicated family tree software). Also, various actions can be restricted to users without permission. Authorized users must be individually defined.

Add documents, links and photos to the family tree in digital media or dedicated software

After we put the research data into the dedicated family tree software or application, one can add scans of photos and documents, links to the source document databases and comments, and various additions to the tree.

Producing a graphic description of the family tree from the digital family trees application

The family tree fed into the dedicated family tree application can be produced in different graphic forms depending on the options supported in each software and according to the preferences of the service applicant.

At the end of the process, the family tree is at your disposal in the digital media of Office or in a dedicated family tree application. At this point you can add new family members (born or married…) to update and add documents and photos as you wish, continue to search for more data and even attach family trees or other branches of others.

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