Locating and Deciphering Tombstones

How to find tombstones within the Genealogy Research?

Within the genealogy research, tombstones must be searched according to the location of the search and the names of the deceased. In addition, it is possible to locate other tombstones by place of residence or burial place. We will use different search options in dedicated search engines to locate tombstones and in search engines dedicated to genealogy research.

GROSS Tombs, Iznete Cemetery, Subcarpathia, Ukraine

Deciphering inscriptions on tombstones in the context of Genealogy Research

As part of the family research, we will decipher writings that include acronyms, dates and signs. The writing on the tombstones must be deciphered as the inscription is often used in acronyms. These may give additional meaning to the details of the deceased: his other family ties, circumstances of his life, his family pedigree and more. In addition, it is necessary to translate dates from a Hebrew dates Latin dates and vice versa.

Translation of tombstones within the Genealogy Research

Translation of writings in Hebrew, English, Hungarian. Tombstones were made in several languages ​​according to location and religion of the deceased. It is sometimes necessary to translate the text of the tombstone recorded in a foreign language or sometimes in two languages. There may be differences in the meaning of the text and names between the languages, there may be different interpretations depending on the type of tombstone and the lifestyle of the deceased.

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