Document Tranlating and Decoding

Deciphering genealogy documents in the family’s possession,
Testimonials and other documents from the Yad Vashem databases

The documents collected within the the genealogy research will be reviewed and examined to make sure they are relevant to the research question and the names we are looking for. Depending on the source language of the document we will translate the document to produce the information relevant to the study.

What details can be obtained from deciphering documents related to Genealogy Research?

The following pieces of details can be taken from documents: the source of the document, who issued the document, relevant dates, place names, names of organizations and people, related documents, links to other possible documents in the same database and more.

Genealogy Documents

Search and locate testimonials and other documents in Yad Vashem’s databases

We will search and locate witness pages and documents of testimony found in the Yad Vashem databases, which include lists of synonyms, lists of names of memorial, lists of labor companies and more. We will perform various searches using the search options provided by the database. We will look for more names mentioned in the documents we have found so far, we will look for names of relevant places and try to find more sources.

Consolidation of Pages of Testimony in the Yad Vashem Names Database

Consolidation of testimonial pages can be done In case of multiple testimonies about the same victim. This option is provided in the Yad Vashem name database. the Yad Vashem database administrators can be asked to consolidate multiple records under one name. In this way a search name will give the records bound under it as a single result.

Update testimonials in the Yad Vashem name database as needed

If necessary, you can ask the managers of the Yad Vashem name database to update existing records or upload new records. If during the genealogy research it is found that the information in the Yad Vashem name database is incomplete or incorrect, corrections and additions can be requested. Images and other information that is not in the database can be added.

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