Guidance and advice for Genealogy Research

What is Genealogy Research guidance?

Each researcher begins the genealogy research in the first steps in establishing a family tree of roots. The service is provided as initial advice regarding the genealogy research process and family tree construction.

Where and how to search and discover information about your family?

Genealogy training for beginners

Practical and focused studies in the student’s personal search for the roots – use of the Internet and the home computer.

Genealogy Research guidance by telephone or at the service seeker’s home

Guidance and counseling studies in the field of genealogy research – face to face or via the computer.

Familiarity with different and various Genealogy Research tools

Recognition and initial use of dedicated tools for genealogy research. For example, search engines as part of family tree building software and various other research tools in the field of roots.

Family sharing

During the training and construction of the root tree and locating the genealogy information, other family members will be involved in the genealogy research process.

Training and use of family tree software or application

By choosing the service applicant, we will study together the old possibilities, the advantages and disadvantages of a number of software or applications for building family trees to help the genealogy research.

Update and add family members to the Genealogy Research

During the study we will invite family members to join and participate in the genealogy research as part of the family tree software or application.

Connecting and merging with other family tree branches

During the training we will make connections and merges of the family tree branches with other trees built by other family members.

Build a profile picture

A profile picture of the applicant and his family can be built and attached to the family tree.

Incorporate and link additional media

During the training we will see how it is possible to integrate and link documents such as: testimonials, documents, family photos and audio and video clips into the family tree built as part of the genealogy research.

Customization as needed per request

General Genealogy Research studies:

Customized according to the search area, period and events under investigation per the relevant Genealogy Research requirements.

Personal Genealogy Research :

Accompanying the student during the search for the roots in person – the student performs the search himself: guidance, help in marking the information collected and suggestions for its organization and arrangement.

Joint Genealogy Research :

Conducting a joint personal search – instructor and student – guidance, help filtering the information collected and suggestions for its organization and arrangement. The genealogy guidance, counseling classes can be conducted so that the student can carry out the bulk of the genealogy research in his free time and suitable pace. The process may take a long time. To succeed more easily one has to prepare a personal computer and an internet connection, an understanding of the English language is required. Knowledge of languages ​​from the country of study – an advantage.

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